Thursday, 16 October 2008


Last night was the monthly document plus one vs slam city skates party night at the macbeth pub. It had its usual ups and downs, complete with periods of everybody standing upstairs where theres no music, luckily not when i was djing which is normally the case. My camera told me it was running out of battery as soon as i whipped it out of its little leather compartment so i didnt get any wonk unit footage, but it somehow had enough juice left at the end to capture Jackson's epic ender 80's set and a split second of toddy in action. Also i'd like to add that due to a combination of being ill and drinking a shit load i woke up in the middle of the night standing on my bed, woohoo!
Heres a condensed version of what i got, its a bit dark -

Heres Danny performing some words and a moldy peaches cover -

Naturally we headed to the gay pub afterwards.

There was some serious gay action going on!