Thursday, 4 September 2008

I forgot my camera

I didn't plan anything yesterday, i don't normally but it turned out pretty sick. Whilst processing such boring thoughts as moving possessions into my new home, i saw that my friend sam's facebook status read - "has 1 spare guestlist for Breeders tonight, let me know if you want it" Pretty good that i noticed after 1 minute of him posting it. Naturally i took him up on his offer, you can never turn down a free gig. I thought i would nod lightly as they played they're movie soundtrack hit cannonball and that would be it but i was very wrong. I got the feel with almost every song and over all fucking enjoyed myself. After this, followed a brief pint in the o'neils next door to shepherds bush empire, served by the guy that used to work in my old local o'neils in Woking, thats fine. And then and then and then and then and then we took 14 stops on the hammersmith and shity line to liverpool street, then the 149 to some new for 5 minutes jazzy bar where i had a half hour conversation about surfing and skating, not so great, could have been worse though. Well anyway, after this we decided food was needed and being amongst many of the turkish delights of kingsland road sam took me into the gnarliest one. I had some wierd combination of red liquid, chicken drum stick with chips on top and a plate of the hottest pickled vegetables i've ever tatsed. It was so intense i had hic-ups for the whole meal, probably looked fucking mental to everyone in there missions accomplished.